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In Search of Happiness

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I went to listen “UBC Dialogues: In Search of Happiness” at VanDusen Garden. Why did I do this? I’ve never attended any UBC Alumni events before. But this topic really caught my eyes. It’s not that I’m not a happy person. I am. And I know exactly why I’m happy, most of the time. But I wanted to know what other people think of Happiness. I’ve been doing practical, physical things these days, such as flying, target shooting and going to the Gym. Suddenly, I realized I was hungry for some philosophical exercises. I still got an intellectual appetite to satisfy. After all, happiness is the ultimate goal in life for most of us, isn’t it?

A Brainy Pilot

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“It is perhaps the most important mental characteristic of the good pilot that his attention is always dilated, spread, wandering – never concentrated. Maybe that is why it used to be thought that really good pilots were on the dumb side, or anyway not too brainy, and that too brainy a man made a poor pilot; the brainy, well-schooled man has a habit of concentrating on one thing at a time to the exclusion of all others, and of keeping concentrated on it until it is solved or finished or done.” – Stick and Rudder, by Wolfgang Langewiesche.

The Art of Flying

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I flew with CFI_12 today, the first dual after the pre-test two weeks ago. It was not smooth from the very beginning. The airspeed indicator in the plane was a different model! Therefore I misread the display and flew 5 knots slower. It screwed up my soft field take off and departure climbs. CFI_12 was not happy! One bad thing lead to another. I didn’t do a perfect job adjusting the heading indicator using the compass. So it was off a few degrees. CFI_12 pointed out each little mistakes I made instantly. This was both good and bad. It’s good because I would try not to make the same mistake again in the rest of the training session. It’s bad because it affected my confidence and mood.

After the upper air work was done, CFI_12 closed the throttle for the forced landing exercise. I had improved quite a bit on my forced landing skills after I learned a few good tricks from CFI_12. But sometimes I deviate a bit from her methods, as long as I could make the field. CFI_12 was a perfectionist. She didn’t like any minor deviation and let me knew right away she was not satisfied, which I thought it was overreaction.

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Illinois High Court Sets Stage For a U.S. Pension Disaster

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What can a state government do if it owes its retired workers vastly more in pension benefits than it will ever be able to pay? The answer, as far as the Illinois Supreme Court is concerned, is that the state will simply have to squeeze blood from a stone when the inevitable fiscal crisis hits. And it surely will, since the gap between tax revenues and pension obligations is conservatively estimated at $111 billion. Illinois doesn’t have that kind of money lying around, and probably never will. So what then? My expectation is that the court’s decision last week invalidating cost savings that were implemented in 2013 will eventually lead to rioting in the streets and a civil war that pits taxpayers against public-employee unions.

Unions Won’t Budge

From a political standpoint, the irresistible force is about to meet the immovable object. The public-employee unions won’t budge, especially now that the state’s highest court is on their side, rejecting even modest budgetary measures that would seek to avoid bankruptcy.

May the Force be with Yu!

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This weekend CFI_12 scheduled a solo for me. CFI_1 was there to supervise. “Ha! Here you are! Got the documents ready for me? How’s the weather today?” “It is a perfect day for flying!” “Yes. It is. When are you going to take the flight test?” I sighed, “I’m not sure. It was scheduled on May 16th. But it may change.” “You don’t sound very confident!” “Well…” CFI_1 was half right. It was 50-50. 50% due to lack of confidence, 50% due to frustration. How could I be confident after failing another pre-test last weekend? I may get asked to do one more pre-test. Plus the weather in May is unpredictable!

This solo flight was a success because I had accomplished all the goals I set for myself! For this flight, I wanted to make sure I did know all the fundamentals. I made an effort to spend 90% of my time looking outside of the cockpit. I moved the controls with my fingers, gentle and light. I had the feel of the airplane! With the fundamentals right, it was so easy to maintain the altitude and heading. One of the feedback I got from CFI_13 in last pre-test was that I kept chasing the flight instruments and couldn’t keep the altitude and heading constant. After this solo flight, I knew I could do it the right way! My confidence was back! The force was strong with me!

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