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Gold And Silver – The U S Is A Corporation. PMs Stand In The Way.

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Where have all the trillions of newly created “money” gone? Into the failed and bankrupt banking scam conducted by the elites. All world-wide monetary policy undertaken by the central banks has been for the sole purpose of protecting the failed banking financial structure, propping up the fiat currencies.

Virtually none of the newly created “money” has ever left the banking system for loans to be used for productive means. Instead, it is being used to enslave other sovereign nations, breaking them financially, then taking control of each nation, one nation at a time. Think of Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, and now Greece most prominently in the Kabuki theater known as the elite-controlled Western press. The purpose: A no escape treadmill of debt bondage and poverty. [Kabuki theater: Performance where nothing substantive gets done]

Ukraine could be thrown in, for good measure, but it has been serving a different purpose: the [failed] attempt to disrupt and gain control of Russia. Much of this has to do with a revised Great Game where the UK has been replaced by the US. Different players, on the surface, but both owned by the Crown Temple, based in The City, located in London but not a part of the UK, just as the District of Columbia is located in Washington D C but not a part of the United States. [Note: The Crown is not the Queen].


My love for flying

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I've been looking around for a kit plane builder to build a Zenith STOL CH 801 for me. The closest one I could find is in Vernon. It's 450 kilometers away, 5 hours drive. I talked to the guy on the phone. He only had experiences building CH 750, a two seat version of the same design. I could feel he was not very interested in the project. After hearing the build cost, I started to lose my interest as well. I asked David and Walter. David mentioned PA-12 and PA-14. Walter is not a fan of Zenith design. He recommended Murphy Rebel or Bear-hawk. I think my best option right now is to wait patiently for the right plane to show up.

My father doesn't like the idea of me buying a plane. "Don't you hear all these news about plane crashes? The God is warning you!" "What's the point of me getting a pilot license but not owning a plane?" "You can just rent a plane when you need it!" "But they don't rent the type of the plane I want!" My father thought flying was a dangerous game of chances. He thought renting a plane is safer than owning a plane because I would definitely fly a lot more if I had my own plane. The more I fly, the more chances of me getting into an accident. But my problem is, the more I fly, the more I want to fly. I admit my decision to learn flying is kind of out of ordinary, strange and impulsive. I had questioned myself from time to time about my motive and sanity. Due to all these negative news on plane accidents, the perceived risks are high. But my love for flying has been growing on me ever since I started to learn flying, the perceived rewards are even higher! There's no turning back now.

This Saturday afternoon, I had a dual lesson with CFI_12. Like her predecessors, CFI_12 made her best effort to educate my bad habits out of me. Me, Yu Zhang, a hard-case, problem student pilot! Every dual lesson these days was a simulated flight test. It's been two weeks since my last flying due to bad weather. But I've been studying at home and I felt confident, a bit of performance anxiety as well. Everything was performed text-book perfect until I made the crosswind turn. I started to inform ATC that I had switched radio frequency to outer tower. I forgot to press the talk button! CFI_12 noticed this, and couldn't help but laughed out loud! I had a feeling she had never seen this before and she found it very amusing! It was embarrassing to make a silly mistake like this! This had affected my mood throughout the whole lesson and my confidence level started to drop from that moment on. I should have ignored it right away and concentrate on the flight test items at hand!

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Why Greece Will Stay Put

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Greece’s financial problems evidently were weighing on investors’ fevered brains on Friday. Grexit hysteria, which resurfaces every couple of months like a stubborn rash, was said to have triggered a global selloff in stocks that saw the Dow Industrials fall by 1.54% and Germany’s DAX plunge even harder, suffering a 2.58% decline. Don’t they ever learn? First of all, no matter what you read, Greece will not be leaving the EU. That’s because the consequences are not only unpredictable, but potentially catastrophic. For despite attempts by the spinmeisters and their news media lackeys to convince us that the impact of cutting Greece loose from the eurozone would have but a minor impact on Europe’s economy, we know better. We’ve already seen how the bookkeeping problems of an obscure bank in Cyprus nearly toppled the global financial system. It’s a house of cards, as the banksters well understand, and that’s why the EU is unlikely to kiss off Greece, its puny economy and its rinky-dink banks.

Shortening the Leash

Also, no matter how deeply Greek’s socialist government and the rabble that voted it into power dig in their heels to resist “austerity,” Greeks would starve if they had to pay in drachmas for what they consume.

Career Advice for the College Grad?

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In a month, my son will graduate college with an English degree and a teaching certificate. He plans to travel to South Korea in the fall, where entry-level jobs for kids with his qualifications are plentiful. I graduated with a degree in English myself, but that was in 1971, when students with arts and humanities degrees didn’t have to go all the way to Asia in search of employment. I found work as a reporter with my hometown newspaper, The Atlantic City Press, a week after graduating. Although I’d planned to stay just for the summer, I wound up working in journalism for seven years, until the lure of the options floor in San Francisco proved too tempting to resist. Interesting, well-paying jobs were plentiful back then, and even students with degrees in English, art history, psychology or philosophy were not anxious about finding work.

A Glut of Humanities Majors

These days, however, good jobs for college graduates are scarce, and unless you have a degree in math or the hard sciences, you’re likely to find yourself doing work that is unrelated to your educational background and training. Even so, students continue to flock to humanities departments, mainly because the curriculum is far less challenging than math, engineering, accounting, organic chemistry and computer science, where the best opportunities are. The point was driven home when I hired a high school classmate of my son’s to do some development work on my web site. I’ve been paying him $100 an hour – a relative bargain, I’m told, because he can complete a project quickly and without glitches.

Gold And Silver – Nothing Of Substance Going On. Fiat “Dollar” Controlling?

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There is little going on in the precious metals markets that indicates directional movement to the upside, and not even much to the downside. The news is as disjointed but permeated with sameness as ever before. To try to make sense of nonsense remains in the theater of the absurd. All we have to offer are the current read of charts, and they are an extension of what they have been like for the last several weeks.

A look at the fiat faux “dollar” chart, the antithesis of gold, may offer the best clue as to why PMs remain mired in the trading range reaches within their protracted down trends.
We have mentioned how the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies will include the Chinese Yuan, to be vote on in October and become effective 1 January 2016. [See Most Widely Used Currency In Western World? Stupidity. 3rd paragraph above first chart.]

If that is to be the case, expect more meandering, maybe with increased volatility, but nothing to be resolved much before the 4th Qtr of this year or into the 1st Qtr of 2016.


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