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Gold And Silver – Respect The Trend But Prepare For A Reversal

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When events “happen,” they happen in a directed way by the elite’s mainstream media outlets. News is presented in a way that is designed to appeal to mass emotions so as to discount reasoned thinking. You get government pimps, be they congressmen, heads of agencies, even presidents who add their fiat 2 cents in order to give some weight to an otherwise weightless argument. While the “news event” is largely untrue, there is a sufficient amount of plausibility added to disguise the misleading [never verified] facts. In other words, psychological manipulation is the main menu of options for the elites to keep the masses “informed,” while still very much uninformed.

As to gold and silver, there are two sides to the coin, as it were. One is well-covered, in fact overly covered, while the other receives coverage but with elite-imposed limitations.

One of the most basic truths in determining the value of anything is that of supply and demand: the availability of a particular product or service [supply], and the desirability [demand] for the product/service. It is an axiomatic rule that cannot be broken, but it can be distorted, as in the case for gold. The distortion via central bank manipulation has been so pervasive over such a long period of time, well over a half-century, that it has become perverse.


Universe is telling us not to fly today!

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October 18th

4000 feet scattered, wind 120 degree at 8 knots over the airport, 1500 feet broken over the practice area. I texted DH whether it was OK for flying. DH texted back we could only do circuits over the airport. CD briefed me on short field take off and landing (STOL) last weekend but we didn't get the chance to fly due to sudden weather change. So I thought I could practice STOL today. Plus I hadn't flown for two weeks, I should fly today to maintain my skill level.

It was a good practice. I tried STOL with guidance from DH. I've been researching different light sport airplanes lately. I was most interested in their STOL performance. Having viewed some many STOL video clips online, I wanted to try it myself. And I liked the experience!

DH mixed the normal landing and soft field landing in this circuit practice. Maybe I got a bit rusty in my airman-ship, or maybe I got a bit confused by the mix, I had a few not so perfect landings. I should have monitored the speed more closely. DH also asked me to look ahead to keep the nose attitude steady, and scan both inside and outside. It was true sometimes I got distracted looking outside, enjoying the view, forgot I was in training! But interesting cloud formations!

Gold And Silver – Financial World: House Of Cards Built On Sand

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Take heart PM community, your turn is coming. What is happening in the stock market is a harbinger of what is sure to come for gold and silver, at some point in the future. When? Ah, that elusive question the answer to which so many want to know, the same answer to which so many so-called prognosticators have serially gotten wrong over the past few years. The best answer is patience.

It is highly unlikely that a single bank, at least in the Western fiat central banking system, is solvent. All, repeat, all banks are insolvent, propped up by the Rothschild system that few can successfully challenge. All banks exist by accounting deceit and every kind of threat, indirect or otherwise, that it is not wise to challenge the international banking cartel [on the verge of collapse]. Russia and China are rising to the occasion rather timely.

What is the result of “printing” trillions upon trillions of fiat currency? While it has not yet played itself out, due to market distortions by “The Powers That Be,” history shows that all fiat paper currency systems fail. Is it any different this time around. No! The only thing “different” would be the mechanics of how the Western system will fail. A combination of computers and the internet have given the elites a decided upper hand that has enabled the “dis-enabling” system they run an extended life, if you will, in their ability to perpetuate fiat deceit.


A man's got to know his limitations

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October 11th

"1500 feet broken clouds over Langley. I guess no flying?" I texted DH. "Not looking good today." DH texted back. Lesson canceled.

October 12th

"1700 broken over Langley. I guess not good for flying again?" I texted DH. No reply. Strange. Maybe DH was flying with her student right now? I couldn't cancel the lesson without talking to my instructor first! I waited 15 minutes, decided to go anyway. 15 minutes later, I got a reply from DH. I was driving, just entering Richmond. I got off highway 99, stopped at a parking lot to check the message. "Ya it doesn't look good." was the message. Great! Another lesson canceled.

October 13th

The weather report was fine. So I drove to the airport without texting CD. I walked in, CD was right there behind the counter. "How's the weather?" CD asked. "Should be good, right?" I replied. I thought to myself, what kind of question is this! If it's not good for flying, why are you here? CD was not happy about my answer. So I gave in, "OK! OK! I will call ATIS!" The weather report was not changed. CD asked me to get the plane ready. A student pilot walked in, people asked how his flight was. "Quite a bumpy ride!" He answered.

Inflation, Deflation, and Our Very Confident Bet in T-Bonds

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I've been touting the ongoing bull market in T-Bonds as one of the best investment opportunities of our lifetime – a no-brainer, as far, as I can recommend. About the only way this bet can lose is if inflation returns with a vengeance. This has never been much of a worry for me, since, on the inspiration of C.V. Myers’ prescient 1976 book, I've been writing about the threat of deflation for more than 20 years. As Myers noted, every penny of very debt must eventually be paid – if not by the borrower, then by the lender. So far, lenders have hung tough on their terms, and although a recklessly expansive monetary policy has cut mortgage debtors in particular some slack, there is no reason to think private lenders will let homeowners skip free when the second stage of the housing collapse that began in 2007 begins anew. Deflation-wise, this is where the rubber will meet the road, drawing irresistible power from the inevitable implosion of the quadrillion dollar Ponzi scheme popularly known as “derivatives.”


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