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Gold And Silver – Insanity Prevails; PMs Without Direction.

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Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. – Albert Einstein.

From a perspective of logic, the world makes less and less sense as the elites relentlessly, and successfully pursue their one world government. There has been an increased awareness of the Rothschilds, elites, bankers, those who control all money, all Western governments, and we are not so sure about the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the greater awareness has done nothing to alter the inevitable course of dominance of the masses by the few. The New World Order [NWO] remains on schedule, based on results.

It seems those who think they know something about the NWO takeover, which is often very little, are of the mistaken belief that change will come about externally, from some outside force that may alter the NWO path to world [debt]enslavement. The hope is that China, with all of its gold, Putin/Russia, with all of its gold and huge natural resources, along with the remaining BRICS nations will put an end to the elite’s fiat control over everything and everyone. It ain’t going to happen.


Flying to Hope

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My Cessna 152 Parked at Chilliwack Airport My Cessna !52 Parked at Chilliwack Airport 2

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February 22nd, 2015. Finally, the weather was good enough for me to do my solo cross country trip to Hope. I'd been hoping to make this trip to Hope in the past two months. I booked the trip on every weekend then got it canceled due to weather every time! Finally, I was going to do it! This was fun! I climbed into cockpit, set up my go-pro camera, linked the headset to my music player. What music to play? Enigma! Of course! Now, Hope! Here I come!

My first stop was Chilliwack airport. I parked the plane, walked inside the terminal building. The airport restaurant was busy as usual. People were waiting in line to get seated. I walked up to the window, asked for pies. I was feeling proud! Now I acted like a pilot! Like all other pilots, I come to Chilliwack airport to buy pies!

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Greece? Investors Couldn’t Care Less

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In these all-too-interesting times, the headline I found most disturbing last week, from The Wall Street Journal, was this one: ‘Greek Troubles Cause Barely a Ripple’. This was not mere hubris but arguably something worse, since investors have aggressively been putting their money where their mouths are. A salient result, the Journal reported with no hint of alarm, is that “the bonds of other weak European countries have hardly ever been stronger.” Indeed, this is how very desperate capital has become in seeking a decent return. Come to think of it, why should institutional investors stop lending Other People’s Money to basket cases like Greece, Portugal and Spain, as long as Germany, the only European country with real skin in the game, isn’t threatening to ring down the curtain?

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Gold And Silver – Banker’s Grip On PMs Not Over.

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To leave the EU or not to leave the EU, that is the question? Pick any hour, and you will have an answer that is good until the next hour passes. While there have been cheers and encouragement for what the newly elected Syriza party has been telling the EU, that no more debt enslavement will work for Greek citizens, it could very well turn out that Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis are waiting for the best deal for themselves before ensuring that Greek citizens remain so enslaved. It is extremely difficult to fight the elite’s system and win.

While this is a rather cynical view, it appears that Greece’s new leaders are doing whatever they can to stay within the failed EU system instead of maintaining a hard-line by refusing to take on more debt and not pay the current debts owed to the EU. An ace up their sleeve, making a deal with Russia, that could possibly include China pitching in, whereby Russia would offer putting part of their natural gas pipeline through Greece and ensure billions of Rubles in income, [fewer and fewer countries want to use the fiat dollar as a trade basis anymore], is not actively being pursued. Instead, all of this back and forth with making an acceptable deal or not is what fills the headlines for this story that gives rise to our skepticism.

If the Tsipras/Varoufakis duo fold, it will not auger well for silver and gold, at least for a while longer. Greece opting to “cut a deal with the devil” will prove that however fragile the staying power of the European Union, the “dead-man-walking” EU still prevails. The message would then still be clear: people do not matter, only the viability of a [failed] banking system counts. and PMs remain pawns.


T-Bonds Headed Under 2% as Deflation’s Noose Tightens

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Yale’s Robert Shiller believes a bond crash is coming, although he stops short of saying when or why. In a recent interview with CNBC, the Nobel Prize-winning economist offered no rationale for a collapse in T-bonds other than that yields are too low. Well, yes, they’ve been held near zero by the Federal Reserve for several years, and there is nothing normal about that. Obviously, something’s got to give. As the late Herb Stein famously said, if something can’t go on forever, it will stop. But when? And why? Shiller’s interviewer did not think to press him for an answer, although he’s a full-fledged oracle in a mainstream-news world where anyone who uses the word “crash” risks being treated like a circus freak.

To be sure, the crashes Shiller is credited with predicting correctly were the easy ones. Quite a few gurus in the not-ready-for-prime-time blog world saw them coming – shouted warnings from the rooftops, as the record will attest. Even the village idiot could have seen the housing crash coming (although, as John Paulson demonstrated, it took a devious kind of genius to figure out how to cash in on it). But when you predict, as Shiller has, that the T-bond market will collapse – which is to say, deflate or hyper inflate itself into oblivion — you are effectively forecasting the end of the financial world as we know it. That kind of talk may not fly on CNBC, but in the blog world it is a given not only that a collapse is inevitable, but that anyone who argues that it can be postponed indefinitely is unworthy of a thinking person’s attention.

The Big One

My guess is that although Shiller sees the Big One coming, he has stopped short of describing the endgame, even in his latest book, because he doesn’t want to be relegated to the lunatic fringe. Peter Schiff, another high-profile seer, seems less concerned about how he appears, perhaps because his success as an author and public speaker allows him to laugh all the way to the bank regardless of what he says. However, as has become much clearer over the last two years, his forecast of hyperinflation is at odds with the reality of a deflationary bust that has been gathering irresistible force in Europe, Japan, and now even China.

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