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2014 4-18 Good Friday Shooting 7m

  • Targets set up at 7 meters
  • weapon used: Beretta 92FS
  • The top right, shot by David, both hands holding the pistol
  • The top left, and the bottom left and right, shot by Yu, one hand holding the pistol

I've been super busy at work in the past few weeks. Charlie left company about a month ago. We got Jock from another group to replace Charlie. I had to take over Charlie's work for now and at the same time to train Jock hoping he can take it over in the future. While I'm doing this, I still have to work on the designs for a few new features wanted by business, and also to complete the UI code auto-deployment proof-of-concept. None of these can be dropped from the current sprint. I'm multitasking as much as I can handle. There are too many meetings and too little time for myself. I had to work overtime.

Edmund came and told me he had configured his new carbine and plan to break it in on Easter Good Friday. I told him I'd like to go and try it out. David overheard our conversation and asked me to take him because he's curious about guns and target shooting.

So this Good Friday morning, I left home around 0800, picked up David at his house around 0840, arrived at the range around 0910. The range was already full of people! We couldn't get our own table, so we had to share with Edmund. I was both happy and upset. I was happy because it appears more people are getting into the shooting sports and become pro-gun. I was upset because I hate waiting!

Gold And Silver – Gann, Cardnial Grand Cross, A Mousetrap, And Wrong Expectations

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W D Gann has long been recognized as an astute market trader, and followers of Gann have been trying to figure out his genius. The best way to describe how he made so many successful market calls is, in a word, astrology. Having died in 1955, we did not know him, but we were fortunate enough to have met and befriended his assistant, Robert Courter. He, too, has since died, but he confirmed what many who study Gann know, that William Delbert Gann was an extraordinary astrologer, exceptional.

The Square of Nine, the Circle of 360, his Hexagon, and Master Charts were all based on astrology. He did not openly admit that in his newsletters and writings, but he often mentioned “wheels within wheels,” which was how the planets revolved around the Sun. Most people believe astrology to be akin to reading tea leaves or using a Ouija board, and he did not want to be put into that category.

We will not get into astrology and the markets, but we have observed direct correlations between planetary movements and price action in stocks and futures. Not being astrologically adept, we leave it to others but acknowledge its validity. The point in mentioning Gann and astrology is next week’s big astrological event, a Cardinal Grand Cross.

GC W 19 Apr 14

Gold And Silver – 2014 Coud Be A Yawner; Be Prepared For A Weekend Surprise

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For the past year, we have been saying that the charts for gold and silver are likely bottoming in a normal manner, and it takes time for a this kind of formation to complete itself. It remains the case, to date.

What is likely to cause a sharp price reversal to the upside for gold and silver? If both were allowed to simply adjust to inflation, you would see a fairly substantial rally. Given that will not be the case, what will be a/the catalyst for a precious metal [PM] change in trend?

Could it be enormous purchases of whatever-is-available physical gold by countries like China and India? No. That has been in the works and a known fact for a few years now, and gold continues to languish near recent lows.

GC W 12 Apr 14

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The Battle of Paper is Over. The Battle of Metal is About to Begin.

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2013-2014 Gold and Silver Coins side 1 2013-2014 Gold and Silver Coins side 2

The battle of paper is over. The battle of metal is about to begin. When the bullets start to fly, paper money will be worth just like paper, which is nothing. When the world powers try to finish each other off, what's the point of holding each others paper money? Let's imagine Russia tries to use their US dollars saved in Swiss bank to buy ammo. Would it work? I bet it's frozen. Once again, the world is divided between East and West. However, this time it is not about ideology like World War II or Cold War. West no longer has the moral high ground. East is rising and West is declining. This is about economy power and competition like World War I. The side with more physical gold and oil wins.

Talking about gold, this past week was a good time to buy. I like to buy when it's on sale. It is amazing to see the gold price dropping! My grocery bills are getting bigger each week. I spend more money to fill my gas tanks. Canadian Penny is no longer accepted. Canadian postage is increased to one dollar. Yet, gold and silver price is dropping!

This time I prefer quality and variety over quantity. I bought one gold howling wolf. The first five 9 gold coin I ever bought. I also bought small numbers of silver coins of Chinese Panda, 25th Canadian Anniversary Maple, Canadian Pergrine Falcon, UK Lunar Horse, Canadian Arctic Fox and Canadian Polar Bear.

Gold And Silver – Power Of Elites More Important Than China’s Gold

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Being successful in trading has a lot to do with finding the developing “story” behind the price structure of a market. We had good results in February because we keyed into some very important pieces of market information that would lead to a likely result for the direction of price, or what we call “the story of the market.” We had less success in March because the focus was more on trying to catch up to the story, where being just a step or so behind is not as rewarding, even resulting in loss.

For the past several weeks, we have shifted focus on what we see as the truer “story” of the PMs market, [Precious Metals]. Some may think we have gone off on an unrelated tangent talking about the elites and fiat currency. The PM community has maintained a relentless focus on how much gold is being imported by China, the diminishing supply of physical gold at COMEX and LBMA, and a host of other popular statistics that support what seems to be important for gold and silver adherents in their beliefs that should ultimately lead to higher prices.

The Law of Supply and Demand is what determines price. Not enough are looking at how the elites are able to distort that Natural Law and bend it to their will. It is the power they can exert, and distort, on any aspect of human life, at least in the Western world, that keeps gold and silver at unnaturally low prices. The more cogent issue is, for how much longer can elites keep their unnatural control over the natural forces of Supply/Demand?

GC W 5 Apr 14

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