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A dream about underground tunnel/shelter

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This Wednesday morning, I had a strange dream of entering some kind of underground tunnel/shelter facility. It was dark there, I was carrying some kind of survival kits/supply. I sneaked around, seemed trying to avoid detection. I walked to my hideout location, dropped off my baggage of supply among a pile of cases of ammunition and food. It was not a pleasant dream. I woke up from the dream thinking. Holly Shit! Is World War III coming? Or is it telling me something else?

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Retired at 52, a Teacher Faults NJ’s Generosity

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[I first aired this commentary more than a year ago but am republishing it because the public-employee pension problem it describes has only grown more dire.

The author of the guest essay below is a retired New Jersey teacher who considers her benefits package far too generous. Gov. Christie was right to confront the teachers’ union immediately after taking office, she says, since teacher benefits could eventually bankrupt the state, and many others, if outlays needed to pay those benefits continue to outstrip revenues. I have withheld the author’s name to protect her from retaliation by her former colleagues. RA]

I watch with gratitude the commercial by Prudential that warns those who hope to retire to think about how much money they’ll need to do so comfortably. I am grateful because I need not worry so much about my money running out before my nest egg does. I am a retired New Jersey educator. My funds are as lengthy as my life. They will even continue to support my spouse after I am gone at a rate of 50%. His pension will additionally support me at a rate of 50% if he should pre-decease me.

Flying over Vancouver Downtown

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Flying over Vancouver Downtown Flying over Vancouver Downtown 2

Flying over Vancouver downtown in a Cessna 172 at 2000 feet. I had to admit 172 is nicer plane than 152.

IPSC practice with GLOCK 34 and Shot Timer

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It's been more than 6 months since my last pistol target practice. Looking at the video, a lot of things need improvements.

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End of Cash?

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I've been hearing more and more of 'cashless society' since the beginning of this year. People were worrying about the negative impact to personal freedom. I'm thinking this is actually a positive development! Imagine when emergency happens, power is off, internet is down. How does people pay and get paid in a cashless society when such things happen? Bartering! With Gold and Silver!

In a cashless society, there's still crime! People still need to evade tax! Criminal underworld still need to get paid without government knowing. How, bartering with Gold and Silver!

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