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Fogs Inbound!

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flying above fogs

September 28th

I arrived at the airport at 1340. The weather looked fine, a few clouds floating around. After the walk around preflight check, I called ATIS, 800 few, good for any type of lessons. CD informed me we were going to Pitt Meadows airport for soft field take off and landing exercises. We reviewed the procedures of getting in and out of the airport, the route to take, the altitude to fly at, and the techniques used for soft field take off and landing.

We took off from runway 25, flying towards King George departure, following highway 99. Looking down to the right side, I saw a big patch of low clouds(fogs) floating above the water, part of the shore were also covered. I pointed it to CD and thought to myself, "I hope it doesn't move too fast, otherwise when we come back for landing, we won't see the runway!"

We were approaching the race track outside Langley. CD asked me the altitude we should be flying at. I said, "2200 feet?" "No!" "Really? The Langley airspace lower limit is 1900 feet. We need to fly above that, right?" "But we are flying to Pitt Meadows, we will not fly over Langley! We discussed this in our preflight briefing!" "Oh! Right! Bad memory!" "You are a bad listener!" CD commented half jokingly. I laughed, "Actually, Both! I am a bad listener and I have bad memory!"

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Fanny Pack and Fashion

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Shooting T97 1 Shooting T97 2

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September 21st

Dina came to my desk. She's not happy I wasn't talking much in today's weekly UI meeting. "We are having this meeting for you! So you know what's going on in UI development space." I apologized, "You know I've been asked to put out this fire in Java back end service these days! So I haven't got much time to handle UI right now. You are doing a great job!" Since Lenny left, I also acted as the UI lead. But most of the UI work is managed by Dina. David overheard our conversation, came and asked, "You got Lenny's new cell phone, right? How is it?" "It is a nice phone, the new Samsung Galaxy S5. No complaints!" David showed me the fancy phone case he got on his belt and asked me. "Where do you put your phone?" I pointed at my belt pack. "I put mine in this fanny pack. So now I have two phones in my pack!" I started to wear this fanny pack about two years ago, after I upgraded my personal phone to Samsung Galaxy Notes II. It was a big phone! I looked around for a case, but couldn't find anything suitable. At that moment, fanny pack seemed to be the only option. Since I started to use it, I find it is quite useful! I also put other stuff in it, such as keys, documents, etc.

So I recommended this to David, "You should get a fanny pack too!" David started to make fun of me. "Fanny pack! This is so out of fashion! There's no way I'm going to wear this!" David started to laugh, "There's one time, My mother and I went to watch movie. My mother wore a fanny pack. And people pointed at her and laughed. My mother was confused. 'What are they laughing about?'" "So what?" I still didn't get it. To me being laughed at is not such a big deal! David then turned around and called Tony. "Tony! Tell Yu your fanny pack story!"

Gold And Silver – PetroDollar On Its Deathbed? PMs About To Rally? No.

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As we near the end of the 3rd Q for 2014, time is running out for all the 2014 enthusiasts that are calling for higher prices by year-end. The lessons learned from 2013 have been forgotten as not only are not prices beginning to move higher, they are making new recent lows. Incredibly enough, many of these prognosticators are paid pretty well by their subscribers. Lesson to be learned? Absolutely no one can divine the future.

Here we are, in the cheap seats, showing our unadorned, simple charts each week, repeating the most basic advice possible: The single most piece of information one can have is knowledge of the trend. If the trend is down, do not be long, [at least not in the paper futures market]. Buying and holding physical gold and silver is a totally different issue.

It may be evident, at times, that we have no pre-determined agenda for each week’s article. Already, we are far away from what we thought we would write just as of last night. A function of this more stream of consciousness weekly endeavor is that we are no locked into maintaining a false hope, pitching something that is contrary to what the market is advertising.


Let me do another spin!

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September 20th

I learned how to do soft field take-off and landing, as well as precautionary landing in today's lesson. I took off from runway 25 in soft field style with CD's help. After turning downwind, I flew on the airport side of highway 99. CD asked me to fly on the north side of the highway 99 and climb to 1800 feet. Then CD quizzed me on the airspace, "Where can you start to climb to 2200 feet?" I thought a bit and answered correctly. CD was not satisfied, "You should have known this by heart now. It shouldn't take you more than 2 seconds to answer me! You need to be very familiar with the airspace before we can send you solo to the practice area. We don't want you to violate the airspace!"

We arrived at the Glen Valley practice area. CD asked me to get ready for some upper air work. The first one I was asked to do was slow flight. I did it quite well. But CD asked me not to trim the plane right away, but to adjust the power first. I thought I did nothing wrong, it's just personal preference. Either way, the final result is to set the trim wheel down to the lower end.

Then I did the power on stall and power off stall. No big deal. Done! Then CD asked, "Now, Let's do a spin!" "What? Come again?" I was a bit surprised. The last spin experience I had was about 4 or 5 months ago. In that spin I was so unprepared that my headset fell off. "Yes. Now I want you to do a SPIN!" CD was determined to review my spin today. "Are sure you want me to spin? It's been a long time since I did my last one. I forgot the steps!" I tried to talk CD out of it. "Here's what you should do!" CD told me the steps. Well, I guess there's no other way. I looked at CD, she showed no fear. Well, CD probably did spins every other day with her students too. If I did something wrong, she can surely take over control and get us out of it. I climbed to 3500 feet, CD announced our location and our intention to spin over the radio. I adjusted my headset, pressed it firmly over my head. I reduced the power to 1500 rpm, raised the nose, pulled the yoke all the way back. When the plane stalled, I stepped down on the left rudder. The plane went down with a spin as expected. After two turns, I stepped on the right rudder. The plane stopped spinning, I leveled the wings, and added power. CD shouted, "Pull the power to idle! We are still at nose down attitude!" "Oh, sure!" I idled the engine, pulled the plane up to level attitude, then slowly added the power back. "Remember! You don't want to add power in spin recovery! We don't want spinning to the ground with high speed!" It was actually not that bad, I added power only after the spin was over and I was pulling up the nose about the same time. Of course, if I waited 2 seconds before adding power it would be ideal. So I asked, "Let me do another spin!" CD agreed.

Death Knell for the Bull Market?

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When will the bull market end? With money velocity collapsing and ominous divergences developing in both the NYSE Advance/Decline line and the New Highs/New Lows summation, U.S. stocks closed at an all-time high last week. If this were not disconcerting enough, the Hindenburg Omen, which signals an increased probability of a stock market crash, flashed red on Friday. There was also this unequivocal pronouncement from the Elliott Wave Theorist after the Dow Industrial came within a single point last week of fulfilling their long-term rally target at 17280: “Next week, the U.S. stock averages should begin their biggest decline ever.” As for your editor, Rick’s Picks has been drum-rolling a key “Hidden Pivot” target at 2028 in the S&P 500 Index that has been 27 years in coming. On Friday, the index hit a record 2019.

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