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Gold And Silver – Nothing Is Ever As It Seems And No Respite For PMs.

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An eminent collapse of the US fiat petrodollar? China and Russia, with their enormous build-up of physical gold over the last several years, waiting in the wings to lead a new gold-backed currency? The growing BRICS alliance to unseat the elite’s Western NWO and its banking system?

A growing likelihood on the first question, and no and no to the latter two questions. In fact, the elites are probably doing more to destroy the fiat Federal Reserve “dollar” than any other group or alliance. There has been talk about the US destroying the dollar for at least the past four years. Kyle Bass even made the pronouncement whereby a senior Obama administration official told him, “We’re just going to kill the dollar.” That is exactly what is happening and coming from “inside information.”

What most people refuse to understand, if not even acknowledge, is the extent to which the elites have an utter stranglehold on the world’s financial system, and by world we do not mean just the Western world. China and Russia are included. There is no single country that can exist without the machinations of the elite’s banking system. They have been running the world for a few hundred years and are masters at it.


Chilliwack, Here I come!

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David asked me if I was going to fly on the coming weekend. "Yes! If weather permits, I will fly solo to Chilliwack! My first solo long cross-country flight." "Really? Send me a message when you are ready to fly! Actually, I will be reading your crashing a Cessna 152 at Chilliwack airport in the newspaper!"

It's going to be an interesting flight! I wanted to make a few side trips. One plan is to fly over Cultus Lake, south of Chilliwack. I tried this in Flight Simulation, it was fun. The other plan is to go north of Chilliwack, to fly over Harrison Lake. I booked one more extra hour for such sightseeing activities. However, the booking got changed and I lost this one extra hour.

Chilliwack airspace was quite busy. Pilots talking over the radio one after another, almost non-stop! I flew over Chilliwack airport for an inspection at 1500 feet. Then descended to 1000 feet circuit height to join the downwind leg. The landing was nice and uneventful. David was going to be disappointed! I parked the plane, and ran towards the Airport Coffee Shop. It was quite famous for its pies. I was here a week ago with my instructor. I asked my instructor to pick one for me. I liked the pie! But to be honest, I'm not a pie expert. It tasted good! But is it better than other pies from other shops? I don't know. I forgot when was the last time I had a pie! But hey, pilots fly here for the pie! I'm a pilot, so here I am, ready to buy another piece of pie!

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Chasing the Rainbows

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Rainbow over Shooting Range GLock 34 fast shooting at 15 meters

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Target Practice is relaxing and fun! I'm getting ready to improve my practical shooting skills. To do well in IPSC competition, accuracy is not the only deciding factor. Speed is equally, perhaps even more important. After each shot fired, the strong recoil force usually moves the pistol around and disrupts the sight picture. It takes time to re-aim. I decided one of my training goal is to shorten the time needed to re acquire the target between each firing.

The less pistol movement, the less time is needed to re-aim. To achieve this, I need a strong grip, a very strong grip of the pistol to minimize the movement caused by the recoil force. I need to perfect my grip technique. I also need strong muscles. Because of this, when Winnie asked me to get a 10 day free pass at Steve Nash Fitness Club, I agreed. It also reminded me of my flight instructors laughing at me about my over-using the trim tabs instead of my own muscles. So I told Winnie, "Good idea! You know, my flight instructors used to laugh at me about my muscle strength. Now I will get trained so I can fly better!"

After 10 days, I signed the contract to join the club and got a personal trainer. My fitness trainer asked me about my goals. "I want to gain more muscles, especially on my arms. So I can hold my pistol real tight and shoot well. Can you help me to add a few pounds of muscles?" He's never heard of this before! "Sure! how many pounds do you want?" "How about 5 or 6 pounds, is this achievable?" "Definitely! Definitely!" He's still a bit of unsure about my true intention. "Is this all? You just want to shoot better, anything else?" "Er.. Er.." I wanted to tell him about my flight instructor joke, but on second thought, he appeared to be shocked by my first goal, why giving him more strange goals? I should behave more like a normal person. "I want to look good!" "Ha Ha Ha, don't we all? Now we are getting somewhere! I can definitely help you to look better!" My fitness trainer was happy to find out my true purpose of joining the gym.

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Gold And Silver – Wall Street, aka United States, Pulls Off Another Destructive Coup

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The clichéd definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

There is no room for sanity in the United States, anymore, and the public is sleepwalking through it all. Arguably, this has been carefully orchestrated by the elites over the past century, as in 100 years and not just in the past decade or so. Capitalism is dead in the US, and has been for decades. Ironically, China and Russia are far more capitalistic. Once the elites took over the money supply, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, there was a concerted effort to take over all media and start a propaganda scheme that is far superior than any other country in effective population control.

What did Wall Street just do? It guaranteed that any losses from all derivatives that arise within the bankrupt banking system will be passed onto the taxpaying serfs called United States citizens. When Congress just passed its bill allowing the [bankrupt] government to keep spending with abandon, attached to the bill was a portion written by Citicorp that allows financial institutions [read that as Wall Street banks] to trade in certain derivatives that are insured by the FDIC. What it means is that taxpayers will be responsible for all losses resulting from theses derivative contracts.


Gold And Silver – Gold-Backed Currency? Not Any Time Soon, But Be Prepared.

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Last year, many in 2013 were calling for the price of gold and silver to double, and more! Then came 2014 and those dashed hopes were pushed back to the second half of 2014. Earlier, in the first half of the year, we said that the second half could likely be more of the same, as in 2013, [See 2014 Could Be A Yawner]. With just a few weeks away from the end of the year, prospects for 2015 can equally be brought into question re PM price appreciation.

Is the petrodollar on the way out? More frequently, the signs say yes. Is a gold-backed currency standard waiting to replace it? Beliefs, at least in the PM community, remain high, but facts to substantiate the beliefs are hard to find. Sure, China and Russia have been and continue to be the largest buyers of physical gold, but is either the Renminbe or the Ruble ready for Prime Time? The short answer is no, and more emphatically for the Ruble. While the Renminbe is becoming more widely viewed as a potential replacement for the “dollar,” China has nowhere near the capability of a world reserve currency system and all that it entails.

How, then, can there be a gold-backed currency? Last week, we discussed the likelihood of Special Drawing Rights, [SDRs] and how both China and Russia favor their use! SDRs are a creation of the existing elite banking system, and any such change to them would be a lateral move that will ensure New World Order domination as a fait accompli, and any illusion of change would be a delusion in fact.


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