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Gold And Silver – Elite’s NWO Losing Traction. Expect [More] War

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The lies and deceit coming from Western governments continue unabated, whether it is [Pollyanna] economic news that is non-reflective of existing reality or more false flag “war” news that is also non-reflective of existing reality. Whether it be Obama, Cameron, or Merkel, supposed leaders of their countries but totally failing to provide leadership, each can best be described as pimps for the banking elites.

No one, not even [non-existing] Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction Bush Jr, has been more hell-bent on starting wars throughout the world than Nobel Peace Prize winner, [cough, cough], Obama. Cameron has nothing positive to contribute, coming from a country that produces nothing, just running on spent debt fumes. He just announced his idea of more sanctions against Russia by kicking them out of the SWIFT program, the elite banker’s Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

How have all of those other sanctions been working, David? There simply is no right way for doing stupid things, but he and Obama continue to try to disprove stupidity with the same proven results.


My First Solo!

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August 26nd

CD will travel to France next week. My instructors surely know where to go for their summer vacations! DH just got back from Hawaii a few weeks ago. I've been to Hawaii too about 10 years ago! I only stayed within the airport for two hours waiting to board another plane for New Zealand. I wish I could have stayed there longer! I've been to France for a conference about 15 years ago. I stayed in Paris for about a month. What a great city! I should go back there someday! CD will visit Paris and also Normandy. “Normandy! This is where the D-day landings happened!” “What D-day?” “You know World War II? The Allied force invaded Nazi Germany's Europe at Normandy?” It was clear CD didn't know anything about it. Wow, no wonder these young people can learn flying faster than me. My brain has been filled with so much other stuff there's hardly any room for new skills like flying!

The training was great. Before the flying practice, CD printed out the Google map of the airport, and helped me to draw the circuit on the map. This way, CD helped me to fix a few circuit pattern issues. Now my circuit pattern shaped more like a rectangle. One time, on downwind, CD requested a “close in base.” I didn't know what it meant until CD pulled the engine power. Without much thinking, I pushed the throttle all in and asked, “Why do you pull the power?” CD knocked my hand away and pull the throttle all out again without saying anything. All I thought about at the time was to complete the circuit. To complete the circuit, I needed the engine power! So again I tried to push the throttle in. CD broke the silence this time, “Keep your hand off the throttle! I'm simulating the engine failure here! What are you supposed to do when engine fails right now?” “Oh! I see. Why didn't you say so earlier? I will turn to base now and land!”

To Overshoot or To Land, This is the Question!

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August 22nd

I flew with DH today. Like CD, DH also wanted me to teach her how to fly the circuits. This was part of their strategies to fix me. After the theory part was sorted out, we boarded the plane, taxied towards the runway threshold. DH put a stick note over the air speed indicator before I applied the full power during take off. The plane lifted off smoothly. DH commented this was the best take off ever. Then DH removed the stick note. She noticed my speed varied between 60 to 70 knots during climb out. “You should climb at the Vy, 67 knots. The best rate of climb speed. This way you can gain most attitude in the shortest time period. This is important for safety reasons.”

August 23nd

A perfect Saturday morning! Blue sky, no clouds. I had a booking with DH at 1000. I stepped out of my Jeep, I was surprised the air was so fresh and cool! I couldn't help but to inhale deeply and fully. I should book a few more morning lessons!

My techniques were fine and consistent this time. Radio communication was also OK. So DH put more emphasis on pilot decision making. When I was turning base from downwind, DH asked, “What if a bird hit our plane now? What are you going to do?” “Depending on where it hits, if I'm still alive or not. I will probably land somewhere as soon as possible. Has this ever happened somewhere around here?” “I didn't experience it myself, but I know somebody got it.” We were on final, I lined up with the runway, ready to land. DH threw me another scenario, “There's a coyote on the runway! what are you going to do?” For a moment, I forgot this was just a hypothetical question. “Where? I can't see! Where?” Then I realized this is just a what-if scenario. “Oh! Yes! Over-shoot!” “OK, what are waiting for?” I added full power, climbed up.

Gold And Silver – Low Prices Are NOT The Reason To Own PMs.

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“ISIS poses a greater threat than 9/11. This is way beyond anything we have ever seen. We must prepare for everything. Get ready!” US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.

Whoa, Chuckie…back off a bit, here. Just who do you think it was that helped create the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, aka ISIS, fund them, train them, and provide the best weapons for them? Can you spell U S, as in a part of your title description as Secretary of Defense? Are you really telling America, and the world, that you are actually that clueless?

Nobel Peace Prize recipient and primary world warmonger, Barack Obama, has been itching to start a war in Syria. Why? To stop Russia from achieving its flow of LNG from East to West, a fact to which Obama will not openly admit. Turns out, bloggers on the internet can accept some credit for exposing Obama’s false flag excuses for attempting to overthrow Assad. How did Obama’s war machine, [mostly CIA-led], plan to oust Assad? By backing ISIS in every way possible: funds, training and weapons. ISIS is as much of an outgrowth of Western [US] meddling in that part of the Middle East as anything else.


He's thinking we are crazy!

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August 18th

I flew with MN today. The air was a bit turbulent. After we got out of the plane, MN asked, “What do you think of today's flying?” I replied, “It was not perfect. But I can surely handle the plane myself.” MN didn't agree, “I had to help you a bit in two of the landings?” “Well, I can handle those two landings without your help.” MN was not happy hearing this from me at all! I remembered in one of the landings, the plane was blown off to one side of the runway by the turbulent air, so the plane was pointing a bit off the center line. I didn't remember MN took over the control. He must have been helped out with the rudder control. After the touch down, he told me, “Next time when this happens, you should just overshoot!”

So after the lesson, we sat down to discuss what had happened in the lesson. “This time during take off, you made the rotation move too late at 65 knots. I suggest you to start the nose up attitude as the plane accelerates and let the plane rotate and accelerate on its own when you hold the correct attitude.” I was confused at the beginning. “You know, the last time I flew with you, you told me I rotated too early and climbed out at at 58 to 60 knots. So this time, I intentionally rotated at 65 knots!” Obviously there was a misunderstanding of what I was told last time. MN didn't mention “attitude” last time. Now I think of it, what he meant was to hold the correct attitude so the plane can climb out at 65 knots, not to hold the plane on ground until it reach 65 knots. I should have reviewed his comments with my first line instructors to make sure I understand them 100 percent!

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