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March 8th, the day after the pre flight test with CFI_11, I flew again with my primary instructor CFI_1. The lesson went OK, no major issue found. We reviewed the results from pre flight test. CFI_1 was upset why I made such mistakes when flying with CFI_11. "You were flying OK with me. But when you fly with other instructors, you get nervous and don't perform well! People are going to think I'm crazy again! You need to be consistent!" This reminded me of my circuit practices before my first solo. I was all tuned in and in the flow when flying with CFI_1. Then I did not do so well in my pre solo check with another instructor. CFI_1 was smart enough to bring in CFI_2 as my secondary instructor to practice with me. In the end, both CFI_1 and CFI_2 took the blame and I had to do extra training before I was given my first solo. The time had come again for both of us feeling the pressure. So I told CFI_1, "I have no idea why. You are my instructor, do whatever you think is necessary. I checked your schedule, you were quite busy and sometimes not available on the weekends. Why don't you just book lessons for me?" CFI_1 thought a while and agreed, "Hmm..Good! Let me think who is the scariest instructor of all! I will book the lessons for you, check your booking tonight!"

I logged on the booking at night and I was shocked to find out none of the lessons were booked with CFI_1 herself, or with CFI_2, but with CFI_12. CFI_1 had finally thrown in the towel! I was dumped by my instructor at the very last stage of my PPL training! I felt awful. I was like a hot potato no instructor got the skin thick enough to keep me long enough and eager to give me away! It reminded me of my elementary school days, mischievous and underachieving. So who is this CFI_12? I've seen her around, she's definitely not the scariest instructor there, on the contrary, quite on the opposite end of the scale. Why did CFI_1 think CFI_12 could finish the job she couldn't finish herself?

Been Ripped Off by Wall Street?

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Rick’s Picks treats all securities markets like a carnival midway because both were designed to fleece rubes. Entertaining proof of this came in the form of the steep dive Apple shares took in the final minutes of Friday’s session. Money was lost, and we’re not talking about chump change, either, since AAPL, with a capitalization of more than $700 billion, is the most valuable stock in the world. ZeroHedge estimated that the sudden, $2 drop caused $10 billion in market cap to vanish in minutes.


Gold And Silver – China’s AIIB Spells “Dollar” Demise, Not Clear For PMs.

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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank [AIIB]. What is it? Yet another political disaster for the Obama administration as it leaves a wide swath of blunder after blunder in massively failed efforts to keep US allies from aligning with China’s newest anti-US, anti- fiat Federal Reserve “dollar, AIIB. It will not just compete with the World Bank, a US- dominated financial entity, the AIIB will logically replace the World Bank in its own Asian sphere of influence.

Obama is pissed, a crass way to express his sentiment but an apt word choice for a crass politician with virtually no international diplomatic skills, and the AIIB amply exemplifies how true this is. The US continues to become more and more isolated through its ongoing war drums beating incessantly as the only viable solution the US has to offer.

Remember, just a few weeks ago, when German Chancellor Merkel schooled Obama over Ukraine, urging a “political solution, because that is what we do as politicians.” Obama did not like that, and he glibly responded he had not yet made up his mind, as the US continues to send money, arms, unofficial troop support, and an expressed intention to send “lethal weapons” to the totally inept Ukrainian army. The best way to tell if Obama is lying is to see if his lips move.


OBE, Lucid dream, and Meditation

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I had another OBE last night (March 18th) around 3am. This time I was more awake than asleep. I felt the vibration in my spine, and then I was like a bubble, rising up. I was more in control of my own actions this time. I decided to explore other rooms. I flew like I was swimming, in the air. I went back to my own bedroom. I remembered the big question I had since my last OBE about a week ago. Was my physical body still lying in bed or was I actually flying physically like superman? I flew over my own bed, looked down. There was a body lying there on its right side, under the blanket, only the face exposed. I was so disappointed! I thought I was like superman! Was that body mine? I hoped not! I reached out to touch that body's face. The face was warm! I felt the shape of the cheek bones, the nose, the chin. I was trying to determine if the face I touched was actually my own face. I couldn't tell.

When this OBE was done, I went into a lucid dream. I was standing at the apartment front door. I was checking if the door was locked. I was surprised to find out the front door was now hinged in the middle like a closet door! This made the lock ineffective. I could just push the door in the middle to open it, even though it was locked! There were a few figures standing outside. They pushed the door open from outside and went in. With my guns lying somewhere out of reach, I felt vulnerable.

Is Europe’s Attempt at QE Doomed to Fail?

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Rick’s Picks shifts to a new format this week with a Question of the Week instead of an essay. This week’s question: How do you see Europe’s attempt at quantitative easing playing out? Between now and September 2016, the European Central Bank plans to purchase $68.76 billion of sovereign bonds each month, for a total of more than $1.2 trillion. It is a foregone conclusion that the program will fail, and badly, for several reasons. For one, unlike Americans, the European consumer’s credo is not “shop till you drop.” That’s why easy credit is unlikely to result in the binge-buying of homes, cars and big-ticket appliances such as we have come to expect in the U.S. And for two, European companies have even less reason to borrow for expansion than their American counterparts. The latter have used a large portion of the money they’ve borrowed to buy back their own shares. More than revenue growth itself, this financial perpetual motion machine is what has sustained the bull market on Wall Street since 2009.

Europe only hope?

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