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World in Chaos

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IPSC practice July 17th

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July 2nd 3am PST, I woke up from a nightmare. I dreamed of earthquake. First, I was inside a house. The ground was shaking, the house was also shaking, but its wooden structure didn't collapse. Then I dreamed of driving on a road, the road was shaking as well, the surface of the road became soft and earthquake waves propagated through it. The wave pushed the road ahead of me high up, preventing me from passing through. Then I woke up, sweating and my heart pounding. I seldom have nightmares with this kind of magnitude! In fact, I couldn't remember when was the last time I had a nightmare! Did it mean there's a big earthquake coming soon somewhere? Possibly in Vancouver? Or did it mean something else? Two days later, I was stuck in the worst traffic jam when I drove to the airport. I thought to myself. “This must be it! I hope this is what my nightmare predicted!” Yes, I hope. I hope nothing more serious is coming!

On a more positive note, I started to have OBE again! The last time I had an OBE was on March 17th. Exactly 4 months later, this Wednesday night, on July 17th 3am PST, I was out of my body again. This time, it was a bit different than my other OBE, I felt more meditative, peaceful, and happy, on a higher plane of existence, floating somewhere alien. The next day, Thursday around lunch time, I found out another Malaysia plane MH 17 crashed. What a tragic event! I was a bit of surprised to realize my recent two OBEs happened very close to Malaysia plane accidents! This is pure coincidence, of course. But it seems the world is gradually falling apart! Commercial airliners gone missing, got shot down, Ukraine Civil War, Iraqi Civil War, Israeli Ground Offensive in Gaza, Japan/China/US saber rattling in East and South China Sea... Very fortunate the part of the World I live is still in Peace! I have no desire to become a full-time warrior/pilot!

Gold And Silver – BRICS And Germany Will Pave The Way

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There is no one singular event that will ultimately loosen the manipulative shackles that the elite’s central bankers have maintained on the PMs [Precious Metals], as evidence continues to mount that Western countries, and the US, especially, are going under economically and financially. All central banks are insolvent, kept afloat by lies. The accounting rules have been changed to allow banks to price their assets however the banks choose. Most, if not all central banks assets, [just about all banks, as well] are worthless, or near worthless.

The sanctions charade that Obama keeps imposing on Russia is having some degree of affect, but overall, the US moves do nothing more than isolate itself from the rest of the Western world unwilling to risk offending their energy supplier and business partner, Russia. By extension, there are strong ties between Russia and China, and one of the pivotal business partnerships with both is Germany. As goes Germany, so goes Europe.

Austria has already picked sides, with Russia, for the economic writing is on the wall, but this country does not have the same influence/impact as Germany, but the path of least resistance keeps getting clearer.


Pre Solo Check

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David brought me some kit-plane manufacturer pamphlets from the Arlington Airshow. “It was not really an air show. More about the display of planes with all types, sizes and shapes. My friend told me you should have come with us!” David's pilot friend has a home built Murphy Rebel, heavily beefed up with a 200 horse power engine! David wants to build a Kit-Fox in his own garage. For me, building a plane is out of the question! I will probably get one that is already built.

The management wanted to boost the team morale by organizing a team picnic event. It was decided to be on August 28th. A few colleagues from US headquarters will fly here to join the event. We started to discuss what to do after the picnic. Colleagues from US asked for zip lines at grouse mountain! Some people mentioned roller-coaster at PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) Play-Land. Lakshmi rejected the proposal based on the event happened last year (Winnie passed out after getting off the roller-coaster). Some proposed the go-cart. It was rejected again due to a few bad accidents happened there before. Then somebody proposed sky-diving! This had given Lakshmi an idea, “Why don't we ask Yu to take all of us go flying?” David replied for me. “That's even worse than sky-diving!” Hmm, Sky-diving should be a lot of fun! Flying with me is even more ____ than sky-diving?! I take this as a compliment. Rasam asked, “Yu, how big a plane can you fly? How many people can you take with you?” “152.” I answered. “152 people!?” Rasam's jaw dropped. “No!! It's a Cessna 152, a two seat trainer!” David corrected it for me.

Today, I flew with MN, a senior class 2 flight instructor. MN asked me, “Do you know the purpose of today's lesson?” “Sure, you are doing a pre solo check on me!” “No, no, no! That's not the main point. We are doing this for quality assurance because we can provide feedback to your instructors on what they may have missed in their teaching so they can improve teaching you.”

The Mystery of Slip

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side slip forward slip

I've had a difficult time to understand the differences between “forward slip” and “side slip”. They were both entered in the same way, by applying the opposite aileron and rudder. One day, when I was reading the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3A), I saw there were two pictures, one is “forward slip” and the other “side slip”. I examined them carefully and suddenly I realized “forward slip” and “side slip” are exactly the same thing! They are the two sides of the same coin! Turning “forward slip” picture 30 degrees counter clockwise, it became “side slip” picture. Turning “side slip” picture 30 degree clockwise, it became “forward slip” picture. Whether we call it a “forward slip” or “side slip”, is purely determined by the pilot's angle of reference. With this understanding, I felt I did better in my slips!

I flew with CD this past Sunday. The day when the final world cup game was played out between Germany and Argentina. The Airport was not busy at all. I had an easy time dong circuits because the air traffic was so light. The communication with the Tower was easy. I did better in lining up with the center line. I think it's due to my better understanding of slips.

Soft Landing!

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This weekend is sunny and hot! Summer has finally come to Vancouver. Good weather for a weekend pilot and warrior like me! I haven't got any flight lesson cancellation lately. On the other hand, I was not able to book as many flight lessons as I'd like due to the busy schedule of my main flight instructor. It was nice I was assigned a secondary instructor. Now I can add a few more bookings in July.

This Saturday I flew with DH. It's been quite a while since I flew with her. I would be doing circuits again. I love doing circuits! The weather was extremely nice, very calm air. We were doing circuits on runway 12. DH wanted me to do everything myself this time, “Today, I want you to talk to the Tower as well.” However, the nice guy in the Tower didn't give me the chance to practice! Whenever I was on downwind leg, ready to push the radio button, the guy in the tower would approve me without my requesting, “Zulu Yankee Zulu, Touch and Go on runway 12 approved, you are number one.” So I told DH, “You may be disappointed by him, but this guy gets a big YES from me, makes my life a lot easier!”

I was able to control the speed and glide slope quite well on the base and final approach legs. I pointed the plane nose down, aiming at the start of the runway. Then pulled up the nose gently during the final flare. The plane glided down and gently touched the runway. A perfect landing as soft as it can get! The vertical speed could be very near zero as far as I can tell! I was happy, very happy! I still remembered the hard landing I did during my first circuit lesson with DH, on the same runway, at the same touch down spot, in the same plane, with the same instructor. I've been improving my skills quite a bit since then. I can finally land with confidence! I don't know how other pilots think about landing, for a newbie like me, doing landing well is very important. Now I am more than a kamikaze pilot!

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