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Flying and Fishing

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Murphy Rebel and Me Super Cub and Me
My First Fish Flying Murphy Rebel

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September 14th

David and I drove to Walter's home at Langley. Walter's house is only a few blocks away from the airport. He can see the whole airport from his backyard. If he's not flying, he enjoys watching planes coming in and out of the airport. Noise is not an issue for him! He also owns three hangars at the airport. He rents one out. He uses the other two hangars for his two planes. One is Murphy Rebel on floats, the other is Chinook Ultralight. "Are you going to buy a plane soon? I can rent you a hangar here." "Probably not. David may need one from you soon. For me, I will start by renting."

Walter installed my GoPro on Rebel's left wing. I can control the camera using my android smart-phone inside the cockpit. Since this was my first time flying in a float-plane, David volunteered to sit in the back fold-able chair. This was the first time Walter took two passengers with him in his Murphy Rebel! Walter helped me to put on the inflatable life jacket and told me what to do if it crash lands on water. "You need to open the door first, before you undo the safety belt. If you undo the safety belt first, you would be floating around, and find it very hard to open the door. Also, do not inflate the life jacket inside the cockpit, otherwise you would be inflated like a balloon, very hard to get out of the door. So remember, step 1, knock open the door, step 2, undo the seat belt, get out of the cockpit, step 3, pull this thing to inflate the life jacket."

We took off from Langley airport, turned north towards the coastal mountains. The scenery was good. The plane was flying at 7000 feet, and still we were getting very close to some of the mountain peaks. When we were near Lake X, David saw another float-plane flying at 9 o'clock low. Walter established the radio communication with the other plane and told the pilot we were at his 3 o'clock high. It turned out he's going to the same lake for a hike to another lake. We would go in and land first.

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Gold And Silver – Current Price Is The Story

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Forget all the news, all the fundamentals, all the [mostly errant] price projections. There is a reason why a picture is worth more than 1,000 words, and this is one of those times where it is best to focus on pictures of the market, over various time frames, to get a better handle on what to expect moving forward. Put to rest every so-called PMs pundit or blogger that has persistently been calling for higher prices or saying the low is in.

We keep saying that the best and most reliable indicators come from the market. Time to stop listening about what others have been saying about the market and pay closer attention to what the market is saying about others. Several months ago, we expressed the thought that 2014 would likely be more like 2013 and to not expect a dramatic increase in gold and silver prices. Even that was optimistic as silver just reached recent 4 year lows.

Are the markets manipulated? Absolutely! The United States and United Kingdom are both in the throes of desperation to keep alive the largest ever Ponzi scheme, that of Western central banks run by the unelected bureaucrats of the Bank for International Settlements [BIS], and all of the similarly unelected bureaucrats from the International Monetary Fund [IMF], who rule over all Western governments. Gold, and silver to a much lesser extent, are the proverbial wooden stake to be driven into the heart of the fiat system which rules over your life, realize it or not, like it or not.


Why We Agree, And Disagree, With Harvey Organ

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Recently, USA Watchdog’s Greg Hunter interviewed precious metals analyst Harvey Organ, an interview which contained Harvey’s forecast that the gold and silver price suppression scheme will come to an end before the end of 2014. “It’s definitely going to happen this year,” he said in his suggestive interview.

Although we agree wholeheartedly with Organ that the fundamentals of this market will eventually overcome this price suppression scheme and we find much of his analysis of the physical market helpful and beneficial, we feel that his effort to pinpoint a time and market price within the next few months is faulty. To some degree, we even find some of his analysis to be suppositional, and therefore, worthy of correction.

A Very Limited Window

The main problem that we see with Harvey’s prediction is that he has not left himself enough time for this all to play out. We have learned that the cartel is very industrious and cunning, using entities that are able to control multiple aspects of this scheme. This includes the media and its perception-shaping process which has accompanied all of this manipulation.

For sure, the cartel is under serious pressure now, and it is true that any black swan could trip off a physical precious metals’ supply-crisis which would put an end to this scheme once and for all.

Shanghai Futures Exchange silver stock Sept 12

You are the Pilot in Command!

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September 10th

My former boss Brian was officially retired at the end of August. Today former members of Programming Practices Group in Vancouver office were going to have lunch with him at Red Robin. When Programming Practices Group was formed about 4 years ago, I was his first employee. Brian and David are good friends so he knows a lot about my learning flying. "How's your flying?" "Quite good! I've just started flying solo since last week!"

I ordered the "Simply Grilled Burger" and I was the last one to get it, 5 minutes after everybody else getting their fancier burgers, kind of ironic! Edmund took out his iPhone to show Arash pictures of the bullet holes on his steel plate. "This is shot by Yu's powerful rifle at long range! He also shot some targets at closer range, but that was a piece of cake for him!" Brian joked, "That's why I never thought about firing him while I was in office!"

Brian is going to be busy traveling in the next few months. "I will go to Las Vegas next month. Then I will go to Hawaii with David in November!"

My First IPSC match!

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G34 vs G17 G34 vs G17 (2)

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I bought a new handgun Glock G34 for competition shooting. It has a longer barrel, slim hand grip and adjustable sights. I'm a Glock fan now! The Talon grip has also finally arrived. According to Edmund, this was the third shipment. The first two got lost completely. So my Glock 17 with the Talon grip is my back up gun.

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